Sanchaya - The Revenue & Licence System

The Revenue and Licence System "Sanchaya" is an application software suite developed for the computerisation of Revenue System in local governments. This application handles Tax items such as property tax, profession tax, rent on Land and building, Advertisement tax etc. and licenses such as Dangerous and Offensive (D&O), Tutorial colleges, Paramedical institutions etc. Utility payment services like Hall booking, ambulance, vehicles, crematorium, payment on water bill etc, can also be done through this software.

Sanchaya consists of two modules: 

  1. Sanchaya Local Body module
    1. hosted at Local body Server captures the details of tax payee/institution and demand. This module is integrated with Saankhya (Accounting software) and Soochika (File tracking software) and Hand held device (for outdoor collection).
    2. hosted at State Data Center is a web based application for doing official activities similar to Sanchaya LB module, and hosted at State Data Center. Login are linked with LSGD common login system maintained by Sulekha Software application.(
  2. Sanchaya Web module for Public (e-payment) is a web based application through which a citizen can check the tax amount due, and remit the taxes through an electronic payment gateway. It also has facility for e-filing of statements online. (