How to configure VPN to get all government websites

LSGVPN Network Diagram

The typical network diagram of LSGVPN. The BSNL network is terminated at the modem and the modem is connected to the server/network switch through Ethernet cable. Configure the modem as Bridge mode and dial the same from the server to get the WAN IP.

VPN Network diagram

Proxy server

A proxy server is a computer that acts as a gateway between a local network and a larger-scale network such as the Internet. In our scenario we are using Squid, the open source proxy server to get all government websites and e-governance applications in your LB network

How to install proxy server

  1. The proxy server is recommended to install in the server where VPN/KSWAN is directly connected (See B in above diagram)
  2. Download the proxy server and extract the zip file. It is customised for installing in LSGI which has KSWAN/VPN network, it will work only on Win 2000 and above. The user required administrator privilege to install the proxy server.
  3. Run “Squid-win-setup.exe”. Click on ‘Install’ button then Apply. Then it will show the installation log in shell. DO NOT CLOSE the black window, wait a while to complete the installation. The black screen will disappear after completing the installation. The Squid proxy server will install under C:\squid.  Screenshot follows 
    Squid Installation
    Squid installation log
  4. After completing the installation, you will need to set the proxy server address in your internet options in client and server computer
    Proxy Server <LAN IP address of server>, Port 3128
    Eg: Poxy Server : Port: 3128

How to set Proxy settings in various Browsers

Internet Explorer Browser

  1. Open Internet Explorer browser and navigate the menu Tool > Internet Options > Connections > LAN Settings. You can also open the Internet Options from Control Panel.
  2. Set the Proxy server Address :  <LAN IP Address> and Port : 3128
    Eg: Poxy Server : Port: 3128
  3. Check “Bypass proxy server for local addresses”
  4. Click OK to complete
    Proxy settings IE

Firefox Browser

Either you can set “Use system proxy settings” if you are configured the proxy settings in internet options earlier or use the following to set the same manually

  • Open Firefox browser
  • Navigate Tools > Options >Network > Settings and select Manual Proxy
  • Set HTTP proxy : <LAN IP of Proxy server> Port : 3128
  • Check “Use this proxy server for all protocols”
  • Click OK to complete