Local body module (hosted at State Data Center)

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This module is for officials of local body. Local body officials can login to this module through http://sanchaya.lsgkerala.gov.in using login credentials managed by sulekha web module.

Following activities are in this group.

Sl No Name of Module Details
1 Assessment http://www.sanchaya.lsgkerala.gov.in/assessment/ 
This module is used to manage
  • Existing property Tax details as in Current Assessment Register (eg: ARV register/ Plinth area register)
  • Settings for Plinth area based assessment
2 Revenue Module This module is used to manage (current version)
  • Profession Tax
  • Rent on Land and Building
  • Advertisement tax
  • Entertainment Tax
  • Utility Services like Hall booking etc
3 Licence Module This module is used to manage (current version)
  • D&O Licence,
  • Licence to Paramedical Institutions
  • Licence to Tutorial Colleges