Web search - Property Tax

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Public can view their building tax details through https://www.tax.lsgkerala.gov.in.
Please follow the follwing mentioned steps

  1. Select your local government institution (Grama Panchayat/Municipality/Municipal Corporations)
  2. Select Property Tax from the online list
  3. Select Zonal office from the dropdown list
  4. Type Ward number, Door number and sub number (sub number is optional)
  5. Select Search button
  6. You will get a list of available building under the above criteria
  7. Select your building from the list
  8. You can view your building details on the right side of the screen
  9. Select "Demand" button to view your pending demand details
  10. Select "Collection" button to view your collection details.
  11. Select "Online Payment" button to pay your tax online (click hear to view online payment process)