Login management for ePayment and eFiling

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For ePayment and eFiling (of Property Tax assessment, Profession tax Demand) public need to create a login by giving his email id and a mobile number.

Steps to create login for using ePayment and eFiling.

  1. From the home page of "https://tax.lsgkerala.gov.in"  select "Login for Online Payment"
  2. you will get the following options
    1. you can create new login
    2. you can confirm/complete your login registration process
    3. you can reset your password
    4. Login to site by giving your Username and password (if already exist)
  3. Create new Login
    1. click "New your registration link"
    2. type User information, eMail id (your login user name) and mobile number (for sms confirmation)
    3. select "Submit" button.
    4. you will get a confirmation mail in your e-Mail.
    5. do the processess mentioned on the e-mail (or refer 2.3 of this page)
  4. Confirm/complete login registration process
  5. Reset your password
  6. Login