Sanchaya - Profession Tax Module

Profession Tax Module :

This Web based Module is used for Capture the details of Profession Tax payable Institutions and Employees in a Local Body.

Application Review :

In this application firstly collect the general details of Institutions (Traders/Professionals/Government Institutions etc) were working in a Local Body by the Staff of Concerned Local Body through  His/Her Login name and Password.

The General details of Institutions includes the following:- 

Name of Institution, Assessment Year and Period, Ward and Door Number of the Institution, Complete  Address of the Institution, Working Nature of the Institution, Details of Office Head/Owner of the Institution etc. After Saving the details of Institution a unique ID is generated. This ID is treated as an InstitutionID for Profession Tax Payable Institutions in that Local Body.

Working in Brief

All the Profession Tax Payable Institutions are adding by the concerned LocalBody Staff by his/her own login and verify / approve these details by higher office authorities(J.S/Secreatry etc). The report of wardvise institution list generation is also possible. After adding the institution details and approval of that by authorities then adding the Employees datails of concerned Institutions. This consists of Name of the Employee, Designation, HalfYear income and ProfessionTax payable against the employee. The employees details povided to the Local Body by Office Head of each Institutions .