D&O Licence for Urban Local bodies

[Sanchaya Implementation Status]

Sanchaya Licence module is used for issuing D&O trade licence for traders.

Following are the main functionalities in this module.

  1. Application form submission - by Applicant
  2. Inward processing of application at Circle/Division office
  3. Application form processing steps at Circle/Division office
  4. Demand Generation process
  5. Collection process
  6. Field verification process
  7. Verification, Approval of application by officials like HI, Clerk, Superintendent, Health Supervisors, Health officer and Secretary.
  8. Issue of Licence/Issue of Rejection Letter.


  1. Application form Submission
  • The applicant has to submit the application at Circle/Division office of the local body.
  • e-Filing model are available at selected local bodies.
  • Inward processing
    • JHI/HI/Clerk will accept application and generate inward number
    • after initial scrutiny the application details are entered
  • Application form processing
    • The official will key in the following details as in the application form in the fields concerned.
      • Institution details
      • Owner details
      • Items details
      • General informations relating to application
  • Demand Generation
    • After data entry the staff can generate demand, based on the items entered.
    • After verification user can submit the demand details .
    • The customer will get a demand notice by print out and an SMS having a unique demand number.
  • Collection Process
    • The applicant can pay their demand through the following ways
      • Through Local body cash counters (Jenasevanakendrams)
      • Through e-Payment (https://www.tax.lsgkerala.gov.in)
      • Through FRIENDS counters
      • Through AKSHAYA counters
      • Through Selected Post office counters
  • Field verification process
    • JHI will submit the field verification details that he has collected
  • Verification and Approval
    • The users like HI, Clerk, Superintendent, Health Supervisors, Health officer and Secretary can enter their remarks regarding the issue of licence
  • Issue of Licence
    • The Licence/Rejection letter  is issued to the applicant