Property Tax module (LB Module - Ver 3.0)


Property Tax module (V3.0) is installed at local body server. User can use this module through a web browser from any client machines at Local body LAN. This module is designed as per the new rules for Plinth area base property tax assessment. User can login using the common user name at LB level (eg: common for Saankhya, Soochika etc)

Following functionalities are available in this module

  1. Assessment
    1. New building
    2. Tax revision (ARV to Plinth)
    3. Processing application through e-Filing
  2. Tax Change
    1. Revision Petition
    2. Appeal Petition
  3. Ownership change
  4. Occupancy change
  5. Vaccency Remission
  6. Exception
  7. Demolision
  8. Demand View
  9. Out Door Collection
    1. User management for outdoor collection
    2. Receipt management
    3. Out-Door collection management
  10. Reports