Saankhya demystifies the complexities of accounting

  • Saankhya demystifies the complexities of accounting... 
    Works on the Accrual Based Double Entry Accounting System following the Internationally Accepted Accounting Principles
    Equips even the average employee to prepare the entire Financial Reports without depending upon accounting professionals
    Records each financial transaction in real time
    Exclusively customized for Urban Local Bodies and Panchayat Raj Institutions
    Doesn’t demand deep accounting knowledge for operating Saankhya Application
    Works in integration with the Other IKM applications like Sanchaya, Sulekha, Soochika, Sevana CR, Sevena Pensions, Sthapana, Sugama, Sanketham etc.
    Accounting Process is made transparent by gives easy access to Financial Information of Local Self Governments to the decision makers including Elected Representatives, Employees and Common man
    Accounting is executed with the participation of the entire employees dealing with financial transactions

    Online web Application available at
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