Sevana Civil Registration

The Civil Registration System handles essential statutory documents relating to citizenship, age, name, parental details, place of birth, financial rights etc. Kerala State has achieved a unique status in birth registration with 92% of the births and 90% of the deaths being registered. Kerala has the largest emigrant population of 1.4 million with current annual migration of nearly one hundred thousand. Birth and Marriage certificates are invariably required by them. Every year 0.5 million children get enrolled in schools.

Sulekha - Plan Monitoring System

#Sulekha is the developmental information systems for the local government plan projects addressing the felt needs of the local community identified through a grassroots level appraisal strategy. Monitoring of developmental projects with focus on Gender budgeting, slum development, urban planning, environmental appraisal, projects included in the anti poverty sub-plan and those having an impact on children and the aged are given special attention


Soochika - The Work Flow Application

Workflow application handling file track, grievance handling and providing up to date information on status of public service transactions and back end operations

Facilities faster, accountable and traceable decision making…

Saankhya - Accrual Based Double Entry Accounting Software

ith the devolution of substantial resources to the local governments an average local government which was handling half a million Indian Rupees has started handling nearly ten fold of the amount. Most of the local governments are facing shortage of manpower in handling day to day operations resulting in substantial delays in closing of annual accounts. The Saankhya applications is aimed at addressing this.

Saankhya demystifies the complexities of accounting... 


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